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Lead Testing Ocean County

According to the CDC, lead-based paint is still present in over 20 million U.S. homes. If anyone lives in an older home or commercial building, it’s crucial to contact lead inspection and testing experts to check for the presence of lead in their paint and surrounding areas. At Mold Removal Ocean County, our inspectors undergo specialized lead detection and testing training. We’ll thoroughly check their home’s interior, exterior, paint, pipes, and soil to determine the hazard levels and ensure they and their family are safe. 

Lead Testing & Removal - Find Out If People's Home Has Lead

The federal government outlawed lead-based paint in 1978 after it was discovered to be highly poisonous. Lead may harm the brain, neurological system, kidneys, and blood at trim levels. Pregnant women and small children are prone to lead’s effects. Thus testing is crucial. If they think their home or workplace may have lead-based paint, it’s essential to have it tested by a professional. Only a trained specialist can adequately test for lead and safely remove any hazardous materials. Don’t take chances with their health – if they suspect there may be lead in their environment, have it tested as soon as possible.

How to Remove Lead Paint from Homes in a Safe Way

Every year, countless children and adults suffer from the toxic effects of lead poisoning. Lead is a highly toxic metal that can cause serious health problems if inhaled or ingested, and young children and pregnant women are especially vulnerable to its effects. In 2021, the New Jersey Department of Health conducted a pilot study to screen for lead poisoning in pregnant women receiving prenatal care. Out of the 64 women who were screened, six were found to have elevated blood lead levels. Many of these ladies have gotten the care they need and avoid lead poisoning owing to the trial program. Thanks to programs like this, we can help protect our most vulnerable population from the harmful effects of lead poisoning.

Why People Should Test for Leaded Paint in Homes

It’s crucial to be aware of the risk of lead exposure while moving into a new house. Federal regulations require that home sellers provide lead disclosures to buyers purchasing a home built before 1978. However, lead may also be present in newer homes, so testing is advised. Remodeling and painting can cause lead-based paint chips or dust to become airborne, posing a health risk if ingested by occupants. When remodeling their new house, use the right safety gear and seek professional advice to prevent lead exposure for them and their family. These precautions can help ensure a healthy and enjoyable move into their new home.

Lead Paint Removal: Cost Effective And Safe

If they plan to remodel their home or purchase a new residential unit, a lead paint test from Ocean Mold Removal can help shield their family or tenants from serious health complications. Lead poisoning can cause various symptoms, from abdominal pain and constipation to developmental delays and behavioral problems. If the source of the lead is not established and diminished, the poisoning will persist, and the symptoms will worsen. A lead paint test can help them identify the source of the lead so that they can take steps to remove it and protect their family or tenants from further exposure.

Protect Tenants - Lead Testing Near Me

Rental property owners in New Jersey will soon be required to take some essential steps to protect their tenants from exposure to lead. Beginning July 2022, all landlords of pre-1978 properties will be required to conduct a Visual Lead-Paint Inspection and obtain Lead-Safe Certification. In addition, they will need to collect dust wipe samples every three years and take steps to ensure that lead dust levels remain within acceptable limits. These requirements protect tenants, especially children, from the dangers of lead exposure. These steps allow rental property owners to help keep their tenants safe and healthy.

Call Us Today To Keep Homes Safe

Here at Ocean Mold Removal, we take lead paint testing very seriously. We understand the dangers lead paint can pose to adults and children, and we are committed to helping our clients identify and remove any lead hazards from their homes. Our professional process begins with a thorough inspection, using the latest XRF machine to identify any lead presence. We can examine on-site without disturbing the surface and advise based on the findings. If they suspect that there may be lead paint present in their home, don’t hesitate to call us today. We’ll make sure that their home is safe for everyone.

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At Ocean Mold Removal, we understand that their home or business is an investment that needs constant upkeep. Our nationally certified mold staff follows strict EPA guidelines and other mandated protocols to ensure that their house or business is well cared for during the inspection and removal process. We keep them informed every step of the way and take every option within our axis of control to return their treasured property to them clean and healthy.


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